Other Services

Dialog & Music Seperation

Removal of unwanted Music or Dialog from audio tracks that contain Dialog and Music mixed together.


Utilizing new technologies various tools and techniques amazing results can be accomplished.

Audio Restoration

Remove distracting background noise, room echo, other imperfections and enhance your audio to sound like a pro.

"tinny" or "dampened"?

Isolation, regeneration and enhancing the audio quality back to its best possible state.


TRUST – Nothing happens without a degree of faith.  When expectation are met, confidence is built and a reputation is earned.

EXPERIENCE – A wealth of know-how in many formats, production styles and working talented artists.

TIME – Work is completed on-time.  Ask around, it’s true.   

MONEY – Work is completed within your budget. Rates are lower than brick & mortar facilities and the savings are passed on to you.

Post Sound Mix & Design